From the reign of Isabel of Hungary, the Rosemary plant has had the fame of being a product of rejuvenescent. The Rosemary is known formerly from everywhere as a condiment and healing product. This aromatic plant acts favourably on the whole motor-vascular nervous system and its influences are profitable in the nerves of the heart.

It is a plant of pleasant smell that one should have in the kitchen as a privileged place among the spices, because who knows its usefulness for the health will know how to use it and to appreciate it.

If we put the fresh Rosemary in an old wine we will obtain a good tonic for the heart, very effective for the lower pressure, and for all the people that are pale and weak and also for the oldest.

After influenza or some other similar virus upset, a small Rosemary wineglass helps to a fast re-establishment. This beautiful and modest bush, with its leafs and its flowers is an appreciated condiment and healing medicine.

A.Vogel. El Pequeño Doctor. Editorial ARS
Medica, S.A. - Barcelona, 1986.

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