Who are we?

by Moreh

Inner Garden was founded in 2010 as a private research group. The group is involved in applied and theoretical research into the Art of Alchemy and the pursuit of the Great Work.
Inner Garden was formed when a group of likeminded practicioners of traditional Alchemy began to collaborate in their research of Alchemy. The group grew and was established as a foundation in 2010. The group primarily revolves around the contributions in knowledge of each member/partner - that which he/she wishes to share for distribution within the group. This results in a symbiosis, in which the members of our group benefit from the combined efforts and learn from eachother. It is a cycle of inspiring eachother and being inspired. Inner Garden is a Hermetic research group which means not all study results are freely distributed in the public domain. There exist a distinction between the inner private circle of the group and the work done for the benefit of the general public. Partners are not required to give an oath of silence, but we do value a sense of discretion and request the signing of an NDA. For more information about this, see our application procedure here

Annual reports and a profile of the group can be downloaded below. For details about our aims as set down in the Articles of Association please click here
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