by Moreh

The Inner Garden Group is a collaborative of a group of students of Alchemy. Candidate-membership precedes full membership, during which the candidate may receive training.
“For is it not that very light which in us looks out beaming in our eyes that, directed within, and being purified also, and scientifically inquiring, discovers at last that other light which is the substance of its own, until light meeting light apprehends itself alone?”
(Atwood, "A suggestive inquiry...")

This statement poetically sums up the most important attributes that we as students should adopt, as well as the ultimate destiny of the journey towards the light.

Many achievements in the field of Alchemy are the result of a group effort rather than individual research. The works of Basil Valentine for example often astound the reader in its detail and the amount of research that has been put in different applications and different forms of processing of Antimony. One could well imagine this was not a single monk at work, but a group of monks, each concentrating on different paths and processes, and each sharing the information with the group and helping each other to greater understanding. Most people would say life is relatively short, and the path to a possible prolongation of life or health is difficult and uncertain. There are a number of private and hermetic research groups, in which practicions to learn from eachother and freely share information. This is in the same spirit as monks that shared the secrets of the trade of wine making, application of herbs or Alchemy within the wall of the monestry. They dedicated their efforts in expanding upon knowledge. In the same way the aim of modern-day goups generally is the development and exchange of information resulting from alchemical research. The main tool in achieving this aim is a form of information management by the group as a whole, involving the organization, structuring, and delivery of information.

Each student should become aware of the fact that all the answers can be found inside ourselves. One should avoid commercial enterprises in the field of Alchemy that ask a contribution beyond a regular group membership or to cover the material costs related to tutelage. “God doesn't need your money to accomplish His works". A faithful intention of your mind, and the surrender of your heart is all that is required. This will lead to revelation. As action and re-action follow each other in nature, so also inevitably revelation and faith act and re-act. The greatest teachers have strived to encourage of this faith within, and to offer the keys to self-initiation.

Another important aim is to purify one's intention. Each student needs to make an continues effort to overcome motives of mere personal salvation and spiritual superiority over others. The world is in a sense out of joint, or ready for improvent, and it has always needed progressive minds to adjust the dislocation and to become in tune again with the forces of nature. One should try to develop an attitude of modesty and mindfulness, a scientific and inquiring mind, and a willingness to co-operate.

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