The practice of controlling our body’s bio-energy can lead to astounding results which van be applied to the benefit of ourselves or others. Some of Inner Garden's students been taught the first steps in this Art from the Mo Pai school.

The primary energies that are fundamental to earth and life are described in many cultures throughout the world. Those who practice Alchemy have learned to recognize this elemental power, but few have learned to control these energies in our bodies.John Chang, a Javanese Taoist of the Mo Pai school (in lineage to Mo Tzu, or Micius in Latin, ca. 470 BC – ca. 391 BC) has mastered the control of these energies to a great extend. This results in healing ability and manifestations that seem like pure magic. The video below shows one such manifestation:

Naturally, these manifestations are not an aim in itself. They merely help to visualize the reality of this energy. In the course of training certain physical proof is required for the student to show he or she has reached a sufficient power increase and is ready to move on to the next stage of training. The study of this bio-energy in our own body is relevant for students of Alchemy because the same polarities and uniting of dualities is at play as those that we deal with in more advanced laboratory Alchemy.


Raising of Vibrations

hese practices of controlling bio-energy are equally relevant for Inner Work, Trancework, etc. because this bio-energy is intimately linked to the personal unconscious mind, our emotional state and the potential ‘depth’ of meditation. Any healing powers or benefits that may spring from this practice are a boon that has an individual signature depending on the practicioner’s unique potential.

Reading Recommendations

Inner Garden does not yet teach this form of alchemy. For those who are interested to pursue this practice the following books are recommended:

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