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Inner Garden Alchemy Art Award

Alchemy is first and foremost known as an Art, a most challenging Art, the Royal Art. In appreciation of the Art in Alchemy, Inner Garden grants a yearly award to the most beatiful photograph in the domain of alchemy, or painting, poem, song or video.

1st prize: EUR 200,-
2nd and 3rd prize: honorable mention on our website
Submission deadline: 1 September each year
Sumbissions can be sent to our general email address
Maximum number of submissions per person: 7

Submissions can range from a picture in the lab, a diagram, a game design, article, a woodcarving or video. Below are a few examples.

Alchemy trial and error


Alchemy crystals

Please include a title or (philosopical) description of your submission.

Submissions of Art may be featured on our website, facebook or page.

Submissions and Awards 2020

Submissions and Awards 2021