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Individual Study

The study of alchemy, up to a certain point, lends itself well for individual study. Inner Garden believes in the value of associating as a Hermetic brotherhood but also appreciates the intention of those who want to proceed by themselves, without any formal membership and without any ties to an institution. For those seekers we are glad to offer, as good as for free, a re-editted version of the complete course of The Philosophers of Nature.

A pdf version of this course can be downloaded from the site of the Portae Lucis Association.

Believe nothing simply because you have been shown
the written testimony of some ancient sage.
Believe nothing based on the authority
of Masters or Priests.
Only that which matches your own experience,
which after thorough study
agrees with reason and is conducive to the good,
is what you can accept as being true
and live up to in your life.

Siddharta Gautama (Buddha)

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