Yearly class

by Moreh

- introduction to alchemy
- introduction of Study Group
- practice of distillation,
  calcination, circulation, etc.
- literature recommendations
- discussion of study path

Every year in the summer a one-day workshop is held as an introduction to Alchemy. This class is meant for those who have little experience with alchemy and are just curious to learn more. In this life we all have our individual paths and our collective paths. Generally we tend to move toward an increase in consciousness, a purification of the soul - 'the raising of vibration'. Alchemy is the art of raising vibrations in both Matter and in Spirit. It refers to a compound of practical, psychological, Nature-philosophical, mystical and medical aspects. The core of the alchemical tradition consists of a practical, exoteric component and a theoretical, esoteric component.

Some students of the Royal Art focus mostly on the spiritual aspects of the path whereas others feel labwork and 'learning through the hands' is the principal way to internalize knowledge and wisdom and fathom the secret laws of God and Nature. Traditionally, alchemists were involved in both the internal and external paths. They had both an Oratory and a Lab, hence the compound word ‘laboratory’. The Oratory was a space dedicated for meditation and prayer, often arranged as a secluded sanctuary within the lab. The lab itself was the place for the “labora” - the physical work. These alchemists of old found the material and spiritual to be complimentary in their search for the Stone. In line with the adagio, “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” they set out to purify both their bodies and their thoughts. The spiritual path helped them to remove gross cognitive misconceptions, fears, and destructive phantoms within the mind. The controlled intake of their medicinal potions allowed them to remove physical blockages and, at the same time, mental blockages that otherwise would lead to imbalance, sickness, and eventually death.

This raising of vibrations has been an ongoing quest throughout the history of mankind. In Alchemy it became known as the quest for the Philosopher's Stone. Many legends in some way or another relate to this quest. In Eisenbach's Parcival for example, the Grail is described as an emerald stone rather than a cup. The Royal Art of making this Stone links the world of creation to the material world and, on a personal level, changes the very fabric of one's reality. In that light the attributions of the Stone, able to bestow immortality as the fountain of youth and able to transmute lead into gold, can be considered both a spiritual and physical reality. As above, so below. What form this will take in our own lives and personal paths we can only learn per adventure. The Inner Garden Group is meant to serve as a platform for like minded souls to inform each other and stimulate each other in this quest - the search for the Philosopher's Stone.

It should be noted that the group's activities primarily revolve around applied research - analysing and rediscovering the processes involved in the production of Elixirs, the Primum Ens, the Alkahest, the Circulatum Minus, and other alchemical products. In modern times, progress has been made toward achieving the goals of Alchemy using scientific rather than alchemical means. The group works predominantly according to the scientific method – investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, correcting and integrating previous knowledge all on the basis of observable, empirical and measurable evidence. Structured and well documented forms of experimentation have been found to be most satisfactory. One should be aware though that modern science has thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Where there used to be both a Lab and an Oratory now there is only a lab. The principle of animation (Sulphur) and the principle of Spirit (Mercury) are not measurable in a quantitative sense and are therefore ignored. It is advised to seek to combine the advantages of modern labware and the scientific mindset with the careful intuitive approach of nature's finer forces and with the respect for divine revelations in our Oratory.

A flyer of the group's yearly class or the ongoing study group can be downloaded here