Alchemy has long been dismissed as a pseudo-science, a farrago of symbols and parables. More recently an increasing amount of serious anachronistic students of Alchemy have proven there is more to the Royal Art, and they have set onto a journey of discovery.

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The Inner Garden Foundation was legally established in 2010 on the initiative of a group of likeminded practicioners of traditional Alchemy. The group aims combine experiences and knowledge in the field of alchemy in the broadest sense, and aims to fulful a role as custodians of this old tradition - the Royal Art.

The active sharing among members results in a symbiosis where the diverse participants of our group benefit from the combined efforts and move forward in — a cycle of inspiring eachother and being inspired.

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Arabic Medicine Non-alcoholic Spagyrics
st. germain's elixir
Saint Germain The Elixir of St. Germain
pearls of petrinus
Pearls Pearls of Petrinus

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